My name is Victorien. I’m a French UX Designer based in Paris. I dedicate my work to improve users' life by building and leading projects that have a positive impact. I currently work at User Studio as a Lead UX project manager.

My design approach is influenced by the many different mindsets I collaborated with. Prior to User Studio, I worked at Nurun and La Poste. At User Studio, we believe in the emotional approach of an experience. At Nurun, we helped corporations to build an efficient experience and at La Poste, the french postal group, we worked to maintain the job of the postman within their new postal services. Working with several people with different mindsets and visions helped me to acquire a holistic approach in my design process. I learned to evaluate the emotional as well as the functional part of a user experience. Today, I lead projects and build desirable products that can be feasible and viable.

I am also a self-taught web developer. I started to code when I was 15 years old by creating a blog and then by coding a fully functional social network. None of these projects took off but they taught me how to code and, without realizing it, how to design as well. However, it is only during college that I truly understood how code and design are linked to each other. This is why today, I try to think about code when I design and vice-versa.

Today, my wish is to focus on improving the user’s life and creating a positive social impact. I strongly believe that UX Design has the potential to create this.

In my opinion, deliverables such as wireframes, prototypes or user flows are just tools to ideate. If there’s a need to clarify a complex system, I create user flows in order to solve it. If the need is to facilitate a project, I lead a team. At the end of the day, what matters to me the most is to truly give life to my projects.

If you’re interested in my profile, I would love to meet you and show you that I could become a great asset to your team. Also, please feel free to check my portfolio and social accounts to have a look at my work.